Does this page look ok?

Quick note. I tried this page on IE6, Firefox, and Safari, but not earlier versions of IE. I resisted the urge to use tables for centering, but I’m worried that my code may not look right on IE4/5. Let me know if you have problems.


2 Responses to “Does this page look ok?”

  1. Oguz Demirkapi

    I would suggest to use “BrowserCam http://www.browsercam.com“.

  2. Sho

    Wow. I’d heard about services like this before, but I’d never used one. This is great! It looks like things look ok on all browsers except Netscape 4.x (who cares) and IE 4/5 (doh!). I probably need to apply Tantek’s box model hack… I’ll do that after taking my daughter out for a walk.

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