Are “Smart” categories smart?

Grr.. I read MXNA through an RSS aggregator and my last two entries have not been picked up by the Flex smart category. Is it because I didn’t use the word “Flex”?

Flex, flex, flex, flex! Let’s see if that works.

Please excuse my vanity. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

5 Responses to “Are “Smart” categories smart?”

  1. mike chambers

    fyi, your second post is showing up now. However, the first one is not.

    If you look at the data in your RSS feed (the only data available to MXNA), you get the following:

    As I was putting the effects for this application together, I found it easier to build a small wrapper class around the effects infrastructure to address the following issues: You can't use databinding. You can't easily create combinations of effects…

    From that blurb, the post could be about quite a few different programing technologies. Unfortunately, MXNA is not smart enough (yet) to understand the context that when Sho talks about databinding, he means Flex databinding. However, this is not necessarily something that we won’t be able to fix (since we do know Sho is in the regular Flex category).

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know what is going on.

    mike chambers


  2. mike chambers

    Btw, the rss exceprt I posted is important, because that is the only data MXNA has access to.

    mike chambers


  3. Sho

    Thanks, Mike. I figured it was something like that.

    P.S. What if I were to use categories (for example, one named “Flex”)? Would that help?

  4. Patrick Mineault

    I think the right way to approach the problem is to offer opt-in self moderation of smart categories. This could be done through a set of rules, such as:

    – Delete from smart categories anything with [OT] in the subject line
    – Use standardized category names in RSS feed to dispatch this and that entry to smart categories
    – Supplement with text-based search

    Categories are implemented in just about every blogging package, so they should just give them standard names like ‘Flash’, ‘Flex’, and so on, and also dispatch obvious keywords to obvious categories, ‘Actionscript’, ‘MXML’ and the like.

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