~ June, 2005 ~


Meet my partner in crime

Just wanted to introduce you to a new blog by Mark Anders. Mark and I co-lead the Zorn team here at Macromedia. He’s brilliant and great to work with, and I’m sure he’ll have lots of insightful things to say about Flex and RIAs in weeks to come.


Why I started working on Zorn

Before working on Zorn, I oversaw development for Dreamweaver and several related products. I’d been working on Dreamweaver for years (started as an engineer on 1.0), and in a lot of ways, I’d come to feel like Dreamweaver was my baby.

During that time, I had kept a healthy skepticism about Flash-based apps. Being a strong HTML advocate within the company, I kept pushing for the possibilities of HTML.

At a certain point, though, my point of view shifted, and I decided that I could do more by joining forces with the Flex team to help push that technology forward.
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Macromedia announces Zorn

Well, I’ve been quiet for the last several weeks (things got busy), but the cat is out of the bag. The project I’m responsible for is code named Zorn, and it’s a Flex development environment based on Eclipse.

I’ve got tons to say about this, but I’m already late to a 3 hour meeting (ack!)

In the meantime, feel free to leave comments about anything you’re curious about. I’ll answer as best I can.