~ July, 2005 ~


Quick update + Zorn jobs

I know I haven’t been posting much about Flex or Zorn recently. (shock! beginning blogger fails to deliver consistently!).

Here’s what’s been going on:
1) My engineering manager is on sabbatical, so I’m filling in for her. Yes, Macromedia has a sabbatical program, as does Adobe.
2) We have been working on some internal milestones (in order to get the core functionality for the next versions of Flex/Zorn up to the levels of quality that we want), so it’s been busy.
3) The further we get with development, the more I’m thinking about Flex 2.0 (or whatever we end up calling it) rather than 1.5, which makes it harder to talk publicly.

I’ll try to condense some thoughts into things that I can share and start posting more consistently.

In the meantime, we have filled our engineering spot, but we are still looking for QA engineering candidates. Feel free to send mail if you know someone who wants to help work on something that I think may change the way the Web is built.

P.S. – the two job descriptions sound very similar, but the bottom line is that one job description focuses on test automation/programming skills, whereas the other description focuses more on Web and Flash design skills.