New Flex/Zorn talks at MAX

Hi folks. If you’re planning on attending MAX and have an interest in Zorn, you should check out some of the new sessions that have been added. Some of the smartest people I work with will be presenting.

NJ Jaramillo is a combination UI designer / programming god, who will be presenting about Flex 2.0 UI and layout, and James Polanco, one of the leaders on the Zorn QA team, will be giving a general overview of Zorn.

Ely Greenfield and David George, two of the architects of the Flex framework, will be giving talks, as well as Gary Grossman, who has been involved with almost every aspect of Flash over the years, and is (a) the fastest typist I’ve seen, (b) the fiercest coder I’ve seen, and (c) one of the nicest guys I’ve met.

In addition, we will have a three hour overview session on Zorn which should prove interesting.

Mark and I will be around as well. Hope to meet you at MAX!

P.S. For those who are interested in Dreamweaver (something I worked on for a long time prior to this gig), the new version is fantastic and you should definitely check out some of the talks.

5 Responses to “New Flex/Zorn talks at MAX”

  1. Zdravko

    Let me see if I understand this correctly.

    It then appears that the features of Zorn are (after all) not being kept under the traditional hush-hush wraps of a product that is “in development”.

    It’s just that it’s limited to a paying few.
    Correct ?

  2. Sho

    We will be doing sessions on Zorn at MAX. If you’re there, you will get information about Zorn, Flex, and all sorts of other stuff.

    If you are not going to MAX, I’m sure you will hear about the information through other channels. We do not expect this information to be “secret” in any way.

  3. Danny Patterson

    Great news! I’m very excited about Flex and Zorn. That will be the best part about MAX this year. See you there!

  4. jeremy

    hi Sho,

    is it possible to join the zorn beta now ? I would be very interested to be one of the beta testers (beeing a heavy flex user I am :P)


  5. Campbell

    Hope someone remembers to take a video camera and record it……..maybe something Macromedia should look at. Its a great way to share these things around the web! :o)

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