~ August, 2005 ~


MVC considered harmful

[Ed. note — I posted this last year as I was learning the Flex framework. Since then, I’ve built a few Flex projects, and for some of them, I found myself using MVC, although I typically use more of a SmallTalk-like MVC pattern rather than a struts-like FrontController. Another data point is that since last year, I’ve talked to lots and lots of people who have tried Cairngorm, and 95% of them seem to like using the FrontController pattern so take my opinions with a grain of salt. –Sho, Apr 2006]

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the appropriate way to wire up Flex applications, and I’ve come to the conclusion that… drumroll please… MVC is probably not needed for most RIAs. Or more specifically, application of the FrontController pattern is probably overkill for the vast majority of Flex apps. (I know that Steve and Ali are going to disagree with me violently…)
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