More on MAX demo glitches

Well, it’s 2am, and we’ve been out carousing all night. I have this to report.

People have come up to me all evening to talk about the Flex Builder demo. The breakdown is like this:

80% — “Wow.. you really kicked @$$! You totally pulled it out of the fire. We were all rooting for you. You were amazing! Holy #$(*&! Great job!”

20% — “Hey… I’m sorry about the demo. It wasn’t so bad. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Guess which kind of comment I prefer. :-)

5 Responses to “More on MAX demo glitches”

  1. Peter Tilbrook

    Well it is an alpha product :). Personally I am amazed at the substantal increase in performance. Whether this is due to Flex or the Flash 8.5 player is neither here nor there. Looks like MAX 2005 is living up to the high standard set by earlier conferences and our own MXDU (now webDU).

  2. Ralph Hauwert

    Well, if it was up to me, it was great. Thank you very much for your time and help this afternoon. I didn’t party more, but went on doing some more work on it; got it up and running now :

  3. Raymond Camden

    I wouldn’t worry Sho. The fact that you were able to dump all the code and start from scratch in the span of a minute or so just shows the power of the IDE.

  4. joe

    I saw your Video (Building a Flex application in 15 minutes), which is great (I tried it)!
    It would be very nice to have tutorial on building an Agenda/calendar like Outlook… It would be using in a lot of project…

  5. Sho

    Thanks, guys. BTW, I checked out Ralph’s demo. Pretty impressive!

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