Flex beta 1 available tomorrow + Announcing free SDK

Hi folks.

Two (three?) big pieces of news:

* The Flex Builder beta will be available at labs.adobe.com tomorrow. Go get it!

* We have made the decision to make the Flex SDK available for free (as in beer). We are not talking about the beta. Betas are always free. We are talking about the shipping product. There will be a free version of the Flex SDK.

This includes:
* The MXML/AS compiler
* The Flex class library
* The Flash player (which was already free)

* We have also made the decision to make a version of Flex Enterprise Services available for free.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is pretty exciting news.

We have always said that we want to make Flex widely available. Roughly speaking, we’re shooting for 1M Flex developers in 5 years. This is a bid to change how people make applications on the Web. Making the SDK free is an important part of that strategy.

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  1. John Dowdell

    Thanks for clarifying the CNET report, Sho. Three more related items from today:
    — financial community got their first overlook of the new Adobe business (Breezo soon on Adobe Investor Relations)
    — Player 8 consumer audits went live, with explosive, unprecedented adoption
    — SWF8 docs are just about to go live on the site.

    Intense! 8)


  2. DannyT

    This is fantastic news! And could well be a pivotal point in web applications development. Even if the full blown, unrestricted enterprise services end up with it’s fathers price tag (which hopefully it wont), this will certainly make justifying it and roi a lot easier to manage.

    Thanks alot,

  3. Hans

    Making the Flex SDK available for free is wonderful, but the decision to make a version of Flex Enterprise Services available for free made my jaw high the dirt. Thanks to all those who helped bring this about!!!

  4. Ryan Stewart

    Big props to the Flex team. This is fantastic news for anyone who is excited about web development.

  5. Renaun Erickson

    Hi Sho,

    When you say a “version of Flex Enterprise Services” for free. Does that mean there will be different versions? I was under the assumption that there is still some features that only a Flex Server will provide. But if this means we get some of the Data Services capabilities without having to run the Flex Server this will be nice.

    Any clarification on the “version of Flex Enterprise Services” would be most helpful?

    Thank you,

  6. Sho Kuwamoto

    Sure thing.

    We will be offering multiple versions of Flex Enterprise Services.

    The entry level offering will be free.

    We will have other offerings that will cost money. These other versions will come in handy for larger deployments — larger numbers of simultaneous connections, clustered deployments for better scalability, etc.

    You ask whether Data Services will be available without the “Flex Server” All of them are “The Flex Server” in the sense that they run on a server. We need code to run on the server in order to provide this functionality.

    What today’s news says is that the entry level version of this server functionality will be free.


  7. anandgee

    Sho et. al:

    A free edition of Flex Enterprise Services is indeed a very pleasant surprise.

    This is a crucial step to dramatically increase the adoption of Flex.

    The forums at Adobe Labs site are sub optimal. The old postings seem to disappear fast and is not very conducive to search.

    Do you plan to streamline the process of reporting defects/posting questions during the beta program?


  8. Joan | Garnet

    Flex 2.0 beta y Flex SDK gratuito

    Ya salió la beta de Flex 2.0 en Adobe labs Descárgala desde la página de Flex en Adobe labs. Eso es genial, pero lo que es realmente noticia hoy es que Adobe ha decidido lanzar el SDK de Flex 2.0…

  9. JD on [TBD]

    Why Flex Matters

    Why Flex Matters: Last week I asked your help, to tell a friend about Flex 2 Public Beta if you thought they could use it, in hopes of escaping the ghetto of early adopters in which new technology can languish. Yesterday, Christian, Danny, Sho and Mark…

  10. Max Soma

    Nice news!

  11. Abbey

    Awesome, man

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