10 favorite things about Flex Builder Beta 1

My 10 favorite things about the new Flex/Flex Builder beta

10. Auto-import (use autocomplete on a class name, and the class is imported if needed).
9. Percentage widths now work when changing states.
8. Able to launch multiple debug sessions (handy for testing FES applications that use messaging)
7. Code hints for classes on your class path! (woohoo!)
6. Open type (Ctrl-Shift-T and type the first few characters of your class)
5. Quick outline (Ctrl-O and type the first few characters of your variable/function to jump)
4. Center snapping and center constraints.
3. Goto definition (ctrl-click on classes, variables, etc).
2. Flex Enterprise Services (see http://labs.macromedia.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_Enterprise_Services:Debugging for debugging hints)
1. Startup performance!

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