Last minute change – speaking at FITC

Hi folks.

As it turns out, I will be speaking at FITC in place of Christian Cantrell*, who is on leave. Nominally, the talk is on Flex Builder, but I’d like to solicit your opinion — what should I be talking about? Is it worthwhile to have a one hour session focused purely on the tool? There is only one other Flex talk, which is a Flex overview given by Chafic.

The reason I am asking is that my gut tells me that spending 50% of the time on the framework and 50% of the time on the tool feels like the wrong balance.

* (footnote) This is ironic, because Christian was actually filling in for me, because I was originally unable to do FITC because of my schedule, which has since changed.

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  1. Brian Lesser

    Hi Sho,
    I’m sure whatever you do will be interesting. My preference would be to see/understand more about the options for building large complex applications. For me a great talk would start with an outline of how a large application is put together and drill down into how a specific module is created, does its work, and is retired within the larger system.
    Yours truly,

  2. Robert Short

    I’m trying to figure out why I can’t do a simple hello world on a mac. I’m using X-code mac IDE and the Flex beta 1 mxmlc compiler worked fine. I remember I had to get the beta 1 framework from windows. I installed the Flex beta 2 SDK and the mxmlc compiler is not working? I’m not seeing the examples from the exporer samples I got from the Flex SDK beta 2. Is it flash 8.5?

  3. Mallorie

    Were you using a gmail address or yahoo or msn or which one? Some ppolee have reported that they are not receiving emails at hotmail for some reason. If there is another service that is having trouble then I need to see what is going on. Also check your junk / anti-spam folders.

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