More Flex 2 beta 3 migration notes

I’ve just moved a bunch of code over from beta 2 to beta 3, and took notes on some of the migration issues I ran into. The good news is that almost all of them are in the migration doc somewhere.

FWIW, the issues I ran into are:

  • flash.util has been renamed flash.utils
  • Several things have been renamed from hXXX to horizontalXXX.
  • There are times when you have to cast Application.application to DisplayObject
  • DataProvider APIs are no longer on the list classes. For example, you can no longer say myList.getItemAt(index). Instead, say myList.dataProvider.getItemAt(index).
  • ICollectionView.getCursor() has been renamed ICollectionView.createCursor().
  • You no longer have to manually release the iterators you get back from the createCursor() function.
  • The constructor for CollectionEvent now takes an attribute to specify the event type.

This is in addition to the other migration notes I listed here.

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  1. Simeon

    I also got caught with some of the changes in the Message package changes. As in there is no Message object any more. But the cursor problems caught me as well. I saw the rename of the create and spent a good 20 minutes searching for what the release must have been renamed too :)

  2. rd

    Anyone else running into issues with icons on buttons appearing way to the left? I posted more about the problem: http://www.drisgill.com/index.cfm/2006/5/11/Flex-2–Button-Icon-Issues

  3. Rostislav Siryk

    TextField relocated too:

    now is

    I think this is right.

  4. Rostislav Siryk

    >> Several things have been renamed from hXXX to horizontalXXX.

    Yes, for examlple, hScrollPolicy > horizontalScrollPolicy

    The same thing about vScrollPolicy.

  5. Rostislav Siryk

    I’ve updated Photo Demo Site sample source code (including Thumbnail) and put it here:


  6. Chris Charlton

    Ran into the DataProvider issue a bit today in class.

  7. Julien Wajsberg

    I just ran into the problem with getItemAt.. Unfornately, it doesn’t work as intended with trees… because dataProvider.getItemAt doesn’t deal with opened/closed branchs where as old Tree.getItemAt did.

    Do you have a tip for working around this ?

  8. Sho

    Interesting… I haven’t played around much with trees recently, so I haven’t run into the issue you’re referring to. Have you tried the adobe forums?

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