Quick tip: killing zombied debug sessions in Flex Builder

Sometimes, when you try to start a debug session in Flex Builder, the tool will hang for a long time for no apparent reason. What is actually happening is that the connection between the IDE and the debug process is having trouble getting started, and the system is waiting for the connection to timeout.

You can shortcut this process by explicitly killing the hung process and restarting the debug session.

Step 1: Check to see if you have a task which is stuck by looking in the bottom right corner of your IDE window. There should be a small progress bar with a weird icon next to it. Click on the weird icon to open the progress view.

Step 2: Click on the stop button for the task that is stuck.

That’s it!

2 Responses to “Quick tip: killing zombied debug sessions in Flex Builder”

  1. Sam Robbins

    If you don’t have a process running like launching you app you can also access/open this view via Window \ Other Views… \ Basic \ Progress. This path is for Flex Builder 2 beta 3 standalone, it could be a bit different for the plugin version of beta 3. I remember you talking about your chess app at FITC, any chance we can see a build?

  2. sascha/hdrs

    This however doesn’t always fix the issue! Sometimes I have the case that the Flex Debugger asks for the Host because he cannot find it. Other times it really takes ages, yes ages to open a project in Eclipse (I’m running the Plug-In version). This is not a Flex issue but sometimes happen in other Eclipse Projects too. Was wondering if somebody knows why this happens?

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