~ June, 2006 ~


This is getting ridiculous

I’ve been away at an offsite to discuss the future of Flex and the “engagement platform”. Because of this, I’ve been away from the internet and unable to clean up the spam comments on this blog.

In the 24 hours that I’ve been away:

470 pieces of blog comment spam were caught by the spam filter.
13 pieces of blog comment spam made it through.
0 actual comments were posted (not surprising, since I haven’t posted in a while).

So I had to sift through 503 pieces of comment spam, knowing that I probably had 0 actual comments, which turned out to be true. Great. Thanks, spammers.

Does anyone want to start up a service to find spammers and annoy them? Say, 24 hours of crank calling their house? I’d pay good money for that.