Nice summary of Flex benefits

The Arc90 blog has a nice entry about the benefits they see in using Flex. The article is written by Richard Ziade who also does basement.org. Worth reading.

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    […] Nice Summary of Flex Benefits(Sho Kuwamoto nos apunta a un artículo con “10 razones para usar Flex 2″). […]

  2. Rostislav Siryk

    just 2 cents more:

    11. Free Flex 2 Data Services (Express).
    12. Flex 2 Components (Charting Components are especially cool).
    13. Simple skinning of components
    14. ActionSctipt 3 as a power realisation of ECMA (end even advancing it).
    15. Flex 2 Supports Regular Expressions.
    16. Free Flex 2 SDK with componets sources.

    People, let’s append the list with thousand items more!

  3. bolle knorrepot

    wow! flex2 is almost as cool as flash9!

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