~ October, 2006 ~


Backstage @ MAX keynote prep

Hi folks. Quick note.

I’m sitting backstage at the rehearsals for the MAX keynote. As always, the production crew is doing an amazing job of putting this event together.

One note — the keynote starts early (8:30), and some of the best bits are right at the beginning. I think Ben may have posted something to a similar effect, but it’s worth repeating. Don’t sleep in!!! If you find yourself out at 3am at the party of your life (this is Vegas, after all), try to rouse yourself from your alcohol-induced haze and remember that there are more important things in life than partying, such as the MAX keynote. You’ll thank me later.

For those at the event, feel free to introduce yourself to me. That’s why I’m here.. to meet you and pick your brains about what you think about Flex.


P.S. Sorry for not posting in a while. My dev manager is on maternity leave, so I have been pretty busy. After MAX is over, I should have a little more time, so I’ll try to get back on the wagon.