Digg API, Flash, and Flex

Digg has released a Flash API for accessing their content. The API was created by Stamen Design which is the company responsible for the cool visualizations on Digg Labs.

I’m not sure yet whether the Flash API works directly with Flex, since it’s written in ActionScript 2. However, in looking through the API, I think you may not need the Flash toolkit at all within Flex, since the “standard” API is accessed through HTTP and XML, which is built into Flex.

Does anyone know more about the Digg Flash API? Do you need it for Flex? I happen to know one of the founders of Stamen from my DJ days, so I’ll be asking him as well.

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  1. David


    Can’t answer your question, but given the topic, check out Grant’s new project:



  2. Josh Tynjala

    As you said, the API can be accessed through standard HTTP (I tried a couple queries right in my browser last night when it was announced). Plus, notice the crossdomain XML file for Flash. There’s no reason at all that Flex would be left out! :)

  3. Gerry

    Arpit Mathur is getting some traction on his DiggMapper app that was posted on Digg the other day. You can check it out here: http://www.arpitonline.com/diggGraphr/

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