Quick update + Warp Records sale

So I’ve been off of work for a week, mostly relaxing. One of the things I’ve been doing with this time is listening to music.

It turns out that old school techno label Warp Records is having a sale on downloadable mp3s at bleep.com. Only a slice of their back catalogue is available, but you can find old classics like Aphex Twin, LFO and Sabres of Paradise, as well as new classics like Prefuse 73 and Battles. The sale only lasts through September so check it out soon if you are into techno.

BTW, one Warp album that I am liking a lot is Smash, by Jackson and His Computer Band. The music is aggressively sample-based along the lines of Prefuse 73, except with a more eclectic ear, a la Four Tet. The album was released in 2005 so this is possibly old news to some (and irrelevant to those of you who don’t care for this music!!).

2 Responses to “Quick update + Warp Records sale”

  1. Joan Garnet

    Good chance to get nice music fast.
    I purchased some stuff, included “Jackson and His Computer Band” :)

  2. Sho

    Cool. Hope you like it!

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