Mob intelligence – Please feed the pluralizer

I’ve always been very interested in how groups of people come together to create a body of information.

Now a few weeks ago, I posted some code to pluralize nouns. It’s based on the Ruby on Rails code, and it has been tweaked to include more words and ported to PHP and ActionScript.

It occured to me that maybe people out there could help make the pluralizer smarter. So I’ve written a small app that lets you input words to test out the pluralizer. If the pluralizer gets any of the words wrong, just type in the new word and the code will correct itself.

pluralizer thumbnail

Will this work? I don’t know. It all depends on whether enough people find it interesting to teach the pluralizer new words. It also depends on people not screwing it up with junk words.

Try it out and LMK what you think.

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  1. mike

    very cool. This is a great example of how to refine a module with a clean and simple approach. As for the notion of pluralization rules, this seems a good way to gain consensus on occasionally subjective information.

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