More on floating brains

There was some interesting back and forth in the comments about the floating brain stuff. One of the final questions was about the nature of the Boltzmann Brain universe. Is it a bunch of free-floating brains? What is it?

Well, my suspicion is that it’s really just a hypothetical argument that is not very detailed. I imagine it going something like this:

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  1. Unreality

    I believe a floating brain is less likely to happen than a big bang.
    Floating brain can’t maintain itself as a floating brain in the vacuum space, it will be torn in a nano-second.
    If the initial state cannot be a big bang, it will probably be like a small-bang which generated some dust or small planets….

  2. noah aronsson-brown

    Fisking hilarious!

    Plus how did you know to make the guy who has his mind reverse blown look so weirdly similar to me?


    I think I need to go lie down…

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