The San Francisco Chicken Emergency

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, but something kind of funny happened recently and I couldn’t resist.

Ever since leaving Adobe, I’ve been tinkering around with various projects at home. In the mornings, I usually sit on my downstairs deck, drink my coffee, and work on my laptop. The other day, I went down to my usual hangout to find…

Hmm…. is this animal dung? A cat? No.. A bird? Maybe a big bird…

Well, it turns out our neighbors have bought chickens and have not had their wings clipped yet. I snapped a photo of one of the chickens hanging out at my favorite morning spot. (The broom and hose are for cleaning up the chicken poop).

I kind of like the thought of having chickens in our neighborhood, but I was worried our neighbor was going to get in some kind of trouble. After doing a bit of research, it turns out that it is legal to own chickens in San Francisco as long as you have fewer than four.

Who knew?

3 Responses to “The San Francisco Chicken Emergency”

  1. Paul Rangel


    Good to see you back online. Our neighbors have chickens as well and offer us eggs as “hush” payment ;) There is nothing like some home grown eggs. Anyway good to see you online and we ( at wheeler street ) would love to hear what you are up to when you have the chance. Until then happy sweeping!

  2. Mark

    I have intentions of getting chickens my self. I live in Portland and you are legally allowed to have 3 without a permit. Right now I’m growing an organic vegetable garden and the chics would make a nice addition.

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