~ October, 2008 ~


Need beta testers for a new iPhone app

Hi folks. Well, it’s time for me to break my radio silence. I’ve been away from Adobe for a year, and I’ve now worked on three projects since then.

The first project was a big project. The kind that you end up trying to build a startup around. I’m still interested in getting back to that project at some point, and I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

The second one was a smallish project. The kind of thing that one person does in his basement for a year. I might do something with this project at some point like publish it or give it out as shareware, but I’m not sure. This project was more along the lines of the kind of thing I did a lot at Macromedia: tools for web developers.

The third project is a tiny project. Coincidentally enough, it’s also the one that we managed to finish. (go figure).

So now we need beta testers.

The program is called Note*spark, and it’s very modest, but we think it’s useful. Basically, it allows you to take notes on your iPhone/iPod Touch and access them over the web. It also goes the other way: type in notes while you are at your desktop machine and you’ll find them on your phone.

Your phone keeps its own copy of the notes so you can access them even when you don’t have network connectivity.

It also allows you to share notes with others. My wife and I now use this for things like keeping track of the things we need to do before our relatives come visit for Thanksgiving. As each of us adds new items, the other person sees it automatically.

We wanted to keep the UI pretty clean and simple, although it does handle some pretty gnarly things like conflict situations, with visual diffs, etc.

So like I said, it’s a tiny app, but we think it’s useful. If you’d be interested in beta testing, we would be very grateful. Just visit the form at: