Announcing Blog*spark

(cross-posted from Blog*spark)

As I wrote on my personal blog, I am working on an iPhone app named Note*spark with a guy named Mike Schiff. We’ve decided call ourselves Meta*spark, which is a name that only a programmer could love (which reminds me of a story that Andy Hertzfeld used to tell, in which Bill Atkinson supposedly loved the name “General Magic” because it could be used no matter what the company ended up doing).

Anyway, the new entity has a new blog, called Blog*spark. Mike and I will be posting somewhat frequently about Note*spark and any other things we end up doing. Among other things, we’ll try to post about things we’ve learned while developing an iPhone app that others might find useful. In the meantime, I’ll still continue to post infrequently about other stuff over at my personal blog. And while the transition happens, I will cross-post interesting things between the two.

As we have been developing Note*spark, I’ve been downplaying Note*spark to friends and family as “the smallest iPhone application we could think of that would actually be somewhat useful.” Because iPhone development is so new, we frankly don’t know if we’ll end up making $5/month or $5000/month on this piece of software, which is why we wanted to start small.

That having been said, it is very exciting to be so close to releasing our first piece of software. If you are interested in following our news in detail, subscribe to blog.metaspark.com. And if you’re not, feel free to just read kuwamoto.org, where I will try to cross-post the interesting bits.

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