~ January, 2009 ~


iTunes store usability FAIL!

Earlier today, we submitted v1.1 of Notespark to the iTunes store, using iTunes Connect, which is the web UI that application authors use to access the App Store.

Apple is the design expert, right? So this UI has got to be, like, awesome, right?

Now take a look at this screen.

iTunes store UI

What do you think happens when you follow these steps:

* click on “edit information” underneath the 1.1 version of Notespark
* set the “availability date” to 1/29/2009

Possible answers:
A) It sets the availability date of version 1.1 to 1/29/2009
B) It sets the availability date of BOTH version 1.0 and 1.1 to 1/29/2009

If you guessed (B), you are way smarter than I am. And because 1/29/2009 is in the future, it immediately removed version 1.0 from the iTunes App Store. ARRGGHHHH!!!! Setting the date back didn’t seem to help any.

Let’s just hope the app comes back tomorrow.

[Late update] Yes, the app is back. Whew!


Need beta users for Notespark v1.1

Hi folks. We need beta testers for v1.1 of Notespark. This is a quick update with just a few highly requested features (landscape mode, search, and a few more) so the testing period will be short.

Please email us at feedback [at] notespark.com if you are interested.


Desparately seeking Mac Palm Desktop user

We’ve implemented CSV import/export on Notespark, but we need to test it with Palm Desktop on Mac. If there are any Mac Palm Desktop users out there, we need your help!

In other news, we are putting the finishing touches on Notespark 1.1, and we’re also working on other stuff. Woo!